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Research and educational journal
Published quarterly since 2007
ISSN 1999-5431
E-ISSN 2409-5095

Sergey Plaksin1,2, Alexander Kondrashov1,3, Elizaveta Yastrebova1,4
  • 1 National Research University Higher School of Economics, 20 Myasnitskaya Str., Moscow, 101000, Russian Federation
  • 2 Candidate in Economics, Deputy Director, Expert analytics office, NRU HSE.
  • 3 Senior expert of HSE
  • 4 Expert of the Institute of State and Municipal Administration, HSE.

Comparative Analysis of the Public Administration Mechanisms Related to the Electronic Toll Collection

2015. No. 4. P. 99–118 [issue contents]

This paper focuses on the opportunities which the electronic toll collection gives to the public administration in Russia. Currently the manual tall collection is in operation in Russia, which means stop-and-go traffic at toll plazas, quite a long transaction time, a lot of vehicles stuck in congestion at the peak time and a decrease of consumer satisfaction. The present study deals with the adoption of the electronic toll collection technology which is widely used in industrial countries. At the beginning of the paper the idea of the electronic toll collection is explained and a review of foreign studies is given. After that economic, social and ecological effects of the electronic toll collection implementation in Russia are evaluated and compared to ones of the manual tall collection. Finally, the recommendations about electronic toll collection implementation in Russia are made and appropriate legislation changes are proposed. The conclusion of the electronic toll collection effectiveness is made by using the modeling method and the sociological research data. The electronic toll collection is found to be more effective in terms of costs of the system itself, motorists’ time saving, accidents avoiding, consumer satisfaction, fuel consumption and emissions. Potential benefits of the electronic toll collection implementation are considered as being very promising. In order to set the electronic toll collection in operation in Russia a change of the administrative law is proposed.


Plaksin, S.M., Kondrashov, A.S. & Yastrebova, E.V. (2015). Sravnitelnyi analiz rezhimov gosudarstvennogo regulirovaniya dostupa na platnye avtodorogi [Comparative Analysis of the Public Administration Mechanisms Related to the Electronic Toll Collection]. Public Administration Issues , n. 4, pp. 99–118 (in Russian).

ISSN 1999-5431
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