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ISSN 1999-5431
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Vladimir Osipov1
  • 1 Doctor in Economics, Head of the Department of Institutions of Public Administration, The Institute of Economics of Russian Academy of Sciences; Chief Researcher at the Federal Research Institute of System Analysis of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, 32 Nakhimovsky, 117218 Moscow, Russian Federation; 64-1 Usacheva, 119048 Moscow, Russian Federation

Project-Functional Structure of Management for Public Administration

2016. No. 3. P. 219–230 [issue contents]
The transition to the project principles in public administration, which was announced by the Russian President, needs a new ordering of the structural relationships within the public authority. The growth in the volume of employees of public authorities was accompanied by the blurred responsibility and the universally accepted linear – functional structure of management did not allow the authorities to react quickly to changes in the external environment and improve productivity by achieving concrete indicators.
The purpose of the article is to offer a new type of the state authority management structure, which could combine the project principles and at the same time not lose the unity of command and hierarchy that is typical of governmental agencies.
Th e article uses a structural approach to the design of public authority, which ensures the coordination of the activities of its parts, as well as the interaction between them, and for the first time it is suggested combining in one type of the management structure peculiarities of the project (matrix) and functional type for public authority.
Basing on the organization management structures typing methodology the article proposes a new type of governance structure – a project-functional one, which can be useful during a new stage of the administrative reform in the transition to project management principles, and shows positive features of the new type of governance structure for the organization of public authority, with the RF Ministry of the Far East Development (Minvostokrazvitiya) being an example as a possible experimental site for perfecting the new type of governance structure.

Citation: Osipov, V.S. (2016). Proektno-funktsionalnaya struktura upravleniya dlya gosudarstvennykh organov [Project-Functional Structure of Management for Public Administration]. Public Administration Issue, n. 3, pp. 219–230 (in Russian).
ISSN 1999-5431
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