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Research and educational journal
Published quarterly since 2007
ISSN 1999-5431
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Aleksei Shkuratov1
  • 1 Doctor in Economics, Senior Researcher, Deputy Director for Research and Innovative Development, Institute of Agroecology and Nature Management of NAAS of Ukraine, 12 Metrological St., Kyiv 03143, Ukraine.

Strategic Imperatives of Environmental Safety Management in the Agrarian Sector of Economy

2017. No. 4. P. 207–225 [issue contents]
The main purpose of this study was to substantiate the strategic imperatives of managing environmental safety in the agricultural sector of economy. Analysis of the provision of strategic development of the agrarian sector at the national and international level has shown the need to create a fundamentally new system of regulatory and legal acts regulating environmental security in the agrarian sector. It is concluded that the current legislative base of Ukraine should be expanded by adopting and enforcing a single normative legal act that will serve as the doctrine of ecologically balanced development of rural areas and will allow implementing in practice a comprehensive approach to environmental protection in the agrosphere on the basis of complementary environmental requirements, established for the subjects of agricultural activities. Taking into account the main imperatives of the doctrine of ecologically balanced development of the agrarian sector, the strategy of environmental safety in the agrarian sector of the Ukrainian economy is justifi ed, which should become a reference point for state power and local self-government when developing state and regional programs for ensuring environmental security in the agrosphere.

Shkuratov, A.I. (2017). Strategicheskie imperativy upravleniya ekologicheskoy bezopasnost''yu v agrarnom sektore ekonomiki [Strategic Imperatives of Environmental Safety Management in the Agrarian Sector of Economy]. Public Administration Issues, no 4, pp. 207–225 (in Russian).
ISSN 1999-5431
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