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ISSN 1999-5431
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Larissa Ruban1
  • 1 Dr., Ph.D. in Sociology, Professor, Head Researcher of the Institution of Russian Academy of Science the Institute of Social-Political Research RAS, Head of the International project “Dialogue Partnership as the Factor of Stability and Integration”, 32A Leninsky Pr., 119991, Moscow, Russian Federation.

Expert Assessment of the Situation in the Asia-Pacific Region by Scholars, Businessmen and Decision Makers

2018. No. 5. P. 43–55 [issue contents]
The article reveals the role of the subjective factor in decision-making in the international sphere, based on analysis of the results of surveys the opinions of experts and decision makers from 16 countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The main objective of the study was to identify the views of the experts on the characteristics of the situation in the Asia Pacific region: economy, security, risks and threats and ways to overcome them, and most importantly – the main directions of the cooperation of the Asia-Pacific countries with Russia and methods of their implementation.
The results of international surveys formed the empirical dataset for determining the main objectives of the administrative decision-making process aimed at the development of partnership relations between Russia and APR countries and their implementation. The decision makers were provided with information about how our country and its actions are seen by our Eastern partners, what is approved of and what is apprehended. The Information can be used for building and adjusting the image of Russia abroad for promoting the effective cooperation and coordination of the interests of the countries in the region.

Ruban, L. (2018). Expert Assessment of the Situation in the Asia-Pacifi c Region by Scholars, Businessmen and Decision Makers (Based on results of the international expert survey in the APR for the period 2005–2016). Public Administration Issues, Special Issue (electronic edition), pp. 43–55 (in English); DOI: 10.17323/1999-5431-2018-0-5-43-55.
ISSN 1999-5431
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