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ISSN 1999-5431
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Irina Dezhina1
  • 1 Doctor of Sciences in Economics, Head of Division on Analysis of Science & Technology Development, Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Innovation Center “Skolkovo”, 30, 1 Bolshoy Bulvar Str., 121205 Moscow, Russian Federation.


2021. No. 3. P. 53–74 [issue contents]

The article analyzes how the “picking winners” approach is implemented in the government science policy in Russia. “Picking winners” implies special support for selected groups (organizations or individuals). The significance of the research is determined by the need to identify those factors in the policy of “picking winners” that can lead to larger effects in the scientific field. We concentrate on three areas, where the policy is being applied: leading research universities, megascience facilities, and young scientists. The aim is to determine how the choice of goals and selection criteria for “picking winners” influence the results of this policy in terms of the development of science at universities, enhancement of scientific equipment, and improvement in scientific workforce composition. The hypothesis of the study is that the criteria used and the way policy goals are formulated may become an obstacle to achieving sound results in these areas. The research exploits empirical data and information related to the processes of policy implementation, as well as analyzes official regulatory documents that underline the decision-making. The study showed that the focus on “picking winners” does not ensure their sustainable development and does not provide larger effects for scientific potential. However, correction of initial goals for each of the three areas suggested in the article may potentially lead to better results of “picking winners” policy.


Dezhina, I.G. (2021). Podderzhka izbrannykh v sovremennoy nauchnoy politike Rossii [Picking winners in modern Russian science policy]. Public Administration Issues, no, pp. (in Russian).

ISSN 1999-5431
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