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Research and educational journal
Published quarterly since 2007
ISSN 1999-5431
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Chen Shalev1, Pini Davidov2, Sergei Graguer3
  • 1 B.Sc., Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Azrieli Academic College of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Azrieli Academic College of Engineering, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • 2 Ph.D., UNEC Cognitive Economics Center, Azerbaijan State University of Economics; Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Azrieli Academic College of Engineering, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • 3 Ph.D., Department of Economic, Ashkelon Academic College, Ashkelon, Israel.


2023. No. 5. P. 111–129 [issue contents]
Unemployment is one of the world’s most challenging tasks to solve, with 6.3-6.5% of the world’s population unemployed in 2021 (4.6% unemployment in Israel). Job placement programs for the unemployed can reduce the duration of unemployment and government unemployment expenditures. This paper explores one of the Israel Employment Service programs for 2016-2019, based on 56,000 job seekers and 82 job seeker profiles. The main findings of the study are: (1) there is  no difference between good placement of job seekers from the Arab sector (49%) compared to job seekers from the other population groups (51%); (2) the longer a job seeker remains in the program, the lower is the probability of their returning to the labor market. Moreover, the increased number of activities the job seekers are engaged in can negatively affect their chances of finding a job; (3) socioeconomic factors such as education, disability, religion, and number of children affect job placement.

Citation: Shalev, Ch., Davidov, P. and Graguer, S. (2023) ‘Analyzing the success factors of an Israel employment service placement program – “Employment Circuits”’, Public Administration Issues , 5 (Special Issue I, electronic edition), pp. 111-129 (in English).
ISSN 1999-5431
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