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Research and educational journal
Published quarterly since 2007
ISSN 1999-5431
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Yuanyuan Guo1, Teng Zhang2, Yi Deng3
  • 1 School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, No.30 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.
  • 2 School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University, No.30 Shuangqing Road, Haidian District, Beijing China.
  • 3 School of Government, Beijing Normal University, No.19 Xinjiekou Outer Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.


2024. No. 5. P. 6–24 [issue contents]

In the digital age, the progression of digital government models presents a nuanced problem that this study meticulously investigates. Contextually, the inception of digital government in China has transpired through three distinct phases, each marked by a characteristic emphasis: technology-oriented, mutual transparency-oriented, and people-oriented. The analysis underscores a critical shift in emphasis across these stages, from an initial concentration on technological deployment to a present focus on mutual transparency and citizen engagement. Despite the evident progress, an issue emerges around capturing and articulating these stages with precision and objectivity. In response to this problem, this study undertakes an in-depth examination of case studies pertinent to each phase, which unravels insights into their defining characteristics. The findings indicate a potential trajectory towards a digital government model that further accentuates public participation. The aim of this study is to deepen the comprehension of the evolution of digital government in China and to shed light on its potential future trajectory, thereby contributing significantly to the dialogue around policy formulation and the future development of digital governance.

Citation: Guo, Y., Zhang, T. and Deng, Y. (2024) ‘The past, present, and future of digital government: Insights from Chinese practices’, Public Administration Issues, 5,  pp. 6–24. (In English). DOI: 10.17323/1999-5431-2024-0-5-6-24.
ISSN 1999-5431
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