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Research and educational journal
Published quarterly since 2007
ISSN 1999-5431
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A. Lapin , I. Aliullov, U. OLEYNIK

Foreign Investments in the Economy of the Subjects of the Russian Federation: Tendencies, Possibilities and Problems (based on the materials of Ulyanovsk region)

2012. No. 2. P. 183–193 [issue contents]

The subject of the research is to assess the investment policy of Russia in the sphere of attraction of foreign investments from the perspective of regional economy. The article analyzes the experience of attracting foreign investors to the territory of the RF subjects by the example of Ulyanovsk region. It   presents the characteristics of investment projects with the participation of foreign investors in the region. It shows the prospects and challenges of their implementation.

Results: currently there are projects on the creation of three industrial zones that are being implemented in Ulyanovsk region. When the projects were substantiated, it was the ability to attract foreign capital that emphasis was made on. Searching new investors to the most promising sectors for Ulyanovsk region continues. The database of potential investors in these sectors is being replenished. The data include about 1,000 domestic and foreign companies, with relative commercial quotations produced and directed to each of the companies.

Conclusion: under such circumstances the regions are left to fight for their “place in the sun”,  and, to  ensure their further development, it is necessary to create conditions for attracting investments and to cease considering foreign investments unreliable, threatening the integrity of the country’s economy. Today any financial resources attracted to the territory of the country are very important. The sooner regions stop to rely on the resources base and to begin creating infrastructure, so that their investment attractiveness should increase, the faster they start the mechanism of production modernization and thereby form a mechanism for a sustainable development of Russia as a whole. 

Citation: LAPIN A. E., ALIULLOV I. F., OLEYNIK U. I. (2012) Upravlenie privlecheniem inostrannykh investitsiy v Ul'yanovskoy oblasti [Foreign Investments in the Economy of the Subjects of the Russian Federation: Tendencies, Possibilities and Problems (based on the materials of Ulyanovsk region)] Public Administration Issues, 2, pp. 183-193 (in Russian)
ISSN 1999-5431
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