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ISSN 1999-5431
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Оleg Shestoperov1, S. Smirnov 2
  • 1 Candidate of Economics, Director General of autonomous non-commercialorganization «Information and Consulting Center «Business Thesaurus», 4, 5 Potapovsky Lane, 101000 Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Expert of autonomous nonprofi t organization «National Institute for System Studies of Entrepreneurship»., 20 Myasnitskaya Str., 101000 Moscow, Russian Federation.

The current state of the RIA implementation in the subjects of the Russian Federation: some results of monitoring

2013. No. 2. P. 71–90 [issue contents]

The authors of the article show the intermediate results of inculcating the regulating impact valuation (RIV), consider the situation with it at the Federal and regional levels, using data of the monitoring of the RIV inculcation in the subjects of the RF, which was held by an autonomous non-commercial organization "National Institute of System Researches of Entrepreneurship Problems".

The purpose of holding the monitoring of inculcating RIV into the mechanism of making decisions in the RF subjects was to study and assess the activity of the subjects in this direction. Basing on the results of the monitoring, the authors have made the rating of the RF subjects in conformity with the blocs of indices.

The research found different approaches to building up a pattern of inculcating RIV. Regions that introduced RIV before others, enjoy a centralized pattern. 2012 witnessed the start of changing to a de-centralized pattern which implies evaluating directly by its architects. As for the authorized body, it will keep the power to appraise the quality of the pattern implementation, the right to comment on the provisions of a draft act, as well as to provide these processes with methodological and organizational assistance.  A mixed pattern of holding RIV was also revealed.

Conclusions: building up a monitoring system and commitments of its architects to offer data of the monitoring targets achievements can directly promote creating an evaluation system of the effectiveness of RIV inculcation. As for the international practice in forming a quality indicators system of the RIV institution, it shows a limited number of projects to be made use of.

Citation: SHESTOPEROV О. М., SMIRNOV S. V. (2013) O khode vnedreniya otsenki reguliruyushchego vozdeystviya v sub"ektakh RF: nekotorye itogi monitoringa [The current state of the RIA implementation in the subjects of the Russian Federation: some results of monitoring] Public Administration Issues, no 2, pp. 65-82 (in Russian)
ISSN 1999-5431
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