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Olga Simagina1, Sergey Tsukar 2
  • 1 Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Siberian Institute of Management – a branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, 6 Nigegorodskaya Str.,630102, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
  • 2 Postgraduate of the Siberian Institute of Management – a branch of the RussianPresidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Academy of National Economy and Public Administration , 6 Nigegorodskaya Str., 630102, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation


2016. No. 1. P. 160–171 [issue contents]

Broade implementation of information and communication technologies in all spheres of society obliges to revise the organization of many processes in business and in the public administration sector. Currently the format of cooperation between the authorities and society is changing; the processes of public service delivery are converting to electronic view; approaches to assessing the quality and accessibility of public services are being revised. The subject of research is the technology of personalization as a method for increasing the information availability of public services. The article discusses the information availability of public services which means the availability, quality of information and informing citizens about the service, about the possibilities of receiving it – one of the important types of availability in e-government. The analysis of the technology of personalization services, analysis of the concepts of «personifi cation» and «personalization» were determined by their contents. Attempts were made to shift the principles and approaches of e-commerce to the process of providing services in e-government. The role and importance of the technology of personalization to improve information accessibility of public services, as well as the place of personalization in the world concepts (models) of e-government were considered. The practical significance of the study lies in the fact that the conclusions drawn in the article will let the authorities responsible for informatization in the region provide for the design of the portal form of public services with the basic principles of personalization technology.


Simagina, O.V. & Tsukar, S.S. (2016). Tehnologiya personalizatsii kak metod povysheniya informatsionnoy dostupnosti gosudarstvennykh uslug [Personalization Technology as a Method for Increasing the Information Availability of Public Services]. Public Administration Issues , n. 1, pp. 160–171 (in Russian).

ISSN 1999-5431
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