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ISSN 1999-5431
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Evgeny Okhotsky 1
  • 1 Doctor of sociological Sciences, Professor of the Department of Public Administration and Law, International Institute of Management, MGIMO University, Honorary worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, MGIMO University, 76 Vernadskogo Av., Moscow 119454, Russian Federation.

Russia’s Participation in International Anti-Corruption Cooperation

2019. No. 1. P. 211–228 [issue contents]
The article analyzes the place and role of the Russian Federation in the system of international anti-corruption cooperation, examines the political and legal mechanism of implementing the signed international conventions, treaties and agreements by the Russian state and the authorized bodies of. The author substantiates the position that the most important prerequisite for the success of international cooperation is not only the coherence of policies, anti-corruption strategies and related instruments, but also the presence of appropriate political will, constructive action through the head of the state and the Government, the Prosecutor General’s office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, law enforcement and judicial authorities, departments of the financial and economic block, control and supervisory structures. It is emphasized that the practice of combating corruption requires not ordinary-conjuncture, but conceptual-in-depth analysis of the political, legal, economic, social and moral components of international anti-corruption cooperation, scientifically sound, systematic and constructive action.

Citation: Okhotsky, E.V. (2019). Uchastie Rossi v mezhdunarodnom antikorruptsionnom sotrudnichestve [Russia’s Participation in International Anti-Corruption Cooperation]. Public Administration Issues, no 1, pp. 211–228 (in Russian).
ISSN 1999-5431
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