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Research and educational journal
Published quarterly since 2007
ISSN 1999-5431
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Оleg Shestoperov1, Tatiana Rukavishnikova2
  • 1 Candidate of Economics, Director General of autonomous non-commercialorganization «Information and Consulting Center «Business Thesaurus», 4, 5 Potapovsky Lane, 101000 Moscow, Russian Federation
  • 2 Expert of the ANO “National Institute for System Studies of Entrepreneurship”, office 500, entrance 2, 16 Malaya Lubyanka St., 101000 Moscow, Russian Federation

The Stabilization of the Regulatory Burden: The "One-In, One-Out" Principle Implementation Challenges

2016. No. 3. P. 69–90 [issue contents]
The principle “one-in, one-out” means that the regulator should abolish the existing regulation in the amount of the costs imposed by a new regulation on business. This article contains an overview of experience in applying the “one-in, one-out” principle in Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. This research provides an analysis of the existing models of its application their features and quantitative results of the application of the principle, with the most interesting part being statistical data on the magnitude of costs, aimed at fulfilling the requirements of legislation which could reduce the overall burden of legislation on business during the application of the ne-in, one-out” principle. B Basing on the study of international experience, an analysis of risks relating to the use of this principle, is carried out. The implementation of the principle «one-for-one" is shown in lawmaking activities in Russia: the regulatory framework governing its use, as well as the results of the first enforcement. An analysis of the practice of application of the principle in Russia is based on statistics provided on regulation.gov.ru. portal. The research results in drawing conclusions about opportunities and consequences of the principle "one-for-one" implementation that can be claimed when applied in Russia. At present, the principle does not embrace all draft regulations that may increase the administrative burden. The formulating of the principle in legislation brings about some ambiguity that creates uncertainty in using it, as well as in methods (limitations on using the standard cost model). The practice of canceling the existing regulation, based on the «one-in, one-out» principle, is rare. However, the application of the principle in certain areas may have a positive impact on the reduction of administrative costs, such as the revision of the sectoral regulatory and legal framework of state control, the formation of a unified register of reporting forms and review of business reporting to public authorities.

Citation: Shestoperov, O.M. & Rukavishnikova, T.L. (2016). Stabilizatsiya reguliatornoy nagruzki: trudnosti realizatsii printsipa «odin za odin» [The Stabilization of the Regulatory Burden: The “One-In, One-Out” Principle Implementation Challenges]. Public Administration Issues, n. 3, pp. 69–90 (in Russian).
ISSN 1999-5431
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